Greek Restaurant Balmain

Home Delivery


COMMENCING Wednesday 26th September  
Home deliveries on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday   
Minimum order $25  
GF = Gluten Free  
Veg = Vegetarian  
Place your order by phone - 0412 075 076  
Horiatiki Salata   –   GF, Veg $15.00
Country style Greek salad w ox-heart tomatoes, olives, feta, virgin olive oil  
Pantzarosalata   –   GF, Veg $16.00
Beetroot, green beans, walnut, sesame seeds & goats cheese feta  
Taramosalata (tarama fish roe pate) w Pita bread   $9.00
Taramosalata w corn bread   –   GF $11.00
Tzatziki (garlic cucumber yoghurt) w Pita bread - Veg $9.00
Tzatziki w corn bread   –   GF, Veg $11.00
Faki  Lentil Soup   –   GF, Veg $12.00
Lentils, celery, carrot, onion, tomato herbs & spices  
Fasolada  -  GF, Veg $13.00
White bean, tomato, carrot, celery & leek SOUP  
 w kalamata olives or feta (your choice)  
Dolmades   –   GF $15.00
Beef mince, tomato, rice & herbs, rolled in spinach served w    
tzatziki garlic cucumber yoghurt   
Haloumi cheese   –   GF, Veg $14.00
(Haloumi from Paphos) pan fried served w macerated figs   
Htapodi   –   GF  
Octopus, char-grilled w salad of coriander, mint, red capsicum  $23.00
a hint of chillies & lemon garlic dressing   
Kolokythomarida   –   GF $12.00
Whitebait, zucchini, haloumi & dill fritters w Ouzo Aioli  
Gigantes   –   GF, Veg $15.00
Baked butter beans, spinach, shallots, leeks, herbs   
& tomato salsa served w feta cheese  
Gemista - Stuffed Capsicum $14.00
Capiscum stuffed with ground beef, rice, herbs and spices  
Moussaka $27.00
Baked layers of ground beef (w herbs & spices), potato,   
eggplant & béchamel sauce  
Moussaka VEGETARIAN   –   Veg $24.00
Baked eggplant & seasonal vegetables w béchamel & Kefalotiri cheese  
Stifado   –   GF $25.00
Beef, onion & potato stew  
Pastitsio $22.00
Greek style penne pasta bake - ground beef w herbs & tomato salsa,    
topped w béchamel & Kefalotiri cheese  
Keftedes Kritharaki $24.00
Baked Greek meatballs w risoni pasta in a tomato salsa  
Chicken Saganaki $26.00
Chicken, mushroom, zucchini, olives, feta herbs & spices   
in tomato salsa w steamed rice  
Kleftiko   –   GF $32.00
Slow roasted lamb shoulder on the bone w roasted lemon oregano potatoes.  
Baklava  –  Layers of filo pastry, almonds, walnuts & honey syrup  $14.00
Rice pudding – creamy Greek style rice pudding $12.00
Halva – semolina pudding  $10.00
Portokalopita – traditional Greek Yoghurt Cake w Orange Syrup  $10.00